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VT HOUSE S.115 As Enacted: Read the new law!

Write a Letter-to-the-Editor

Write a letter to the editor of your local paper to demonstrate support for civil marriage rights for same-sex couples and thank Vermont for moving forward.

What should I say?  Check out these talking points.


  • Keep it simple. In 200 words or less, share with readers why you support the freedom for same-sex couples to civilly marry.

  • Reference the newspaper article you're responding to. If you're responding to an article or a previously printed letter, be sure to include this information in your letter. For example: "I am writing in response to the article published on January 15 called  "Marriage for All."

  • Submit to weekly papers.  You're more likely to have your letter printed in a smaller local paper that your neighbors read. Although we encourage you to submit your letter to The Rutland Herald, The Burlington Free Press, etc., don't discount the smaller weeklies.

  • Personalize it.Our supporters offer diverse perspectives on the reasons to support the fair and equal treatment of GLBT Vermonters. Whether you support equal marriage for personal reasons, as a matter of social justice, or both, your opinion matters.

  • Be sure to include: Your first and last name, town, phone number, and email. It's common practice for the editor (or someone from the paper) to contact you to confirm your information and to let you know your letter will be published. They will NOT include your contact information in the paper other than your full name and town.