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VT HOUSE S.115 As Enacted: Read the new law!

Parental Supporters

Why the voices of parents are important to this civil rights issue?

Judy_amy__with_family We believe that All Vermont families should be treated equally and fairly in the eyes of the law.  Providing full rights for some children and only some rights for other children is not the Vermont way.

As parents of gay and lesbian individuals, we want our children to grow up in an environment that fosters dignity, respect and equality.  And as parents of adult children who are gay and lesbian we want our children to be afforded the same rights as their heterosexual siblings and friends.

Many Vermont parents and grand parents believe that all children deserve full protections and that all parents should have the rights to fully protect and care for their children. Only when same-sex couples have the freedom to marry will our families be fully embraced and protected by Vermont laws.Web-RGJJ

Sign the Parents' Statement of Support today!

Any Vermonter who is a parent or grandparent can sign the statement of support. Also, we urge parents of gay or lesbian individuals to indicate so on the sign-up form.

Write Governor Jim Douglas today!

With your help, we can educate Gov. Douglas about why marriage equality is important to Vermont families. Write Gov. Douglas today to share with him that you support marriage equality for same-sex couples and tell him why it is important to you and your family.  

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Resources for Parents