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VT HOUSE S.115 As Enacted: Read the new law!

Take Action!

With your help, we can make history in Vermont!! Take action today!

1. Call and Email the Governor

  • Jim_douglasEmail the Governor here.  Express your outrage and urge him to change his mind. It's not too late!  Please be respectful and provide him with the opportunity to learn from you why this issue is important to Vermont families and communities.

  • Call him at 802 828-3333 (or toll-free in VT only: 800 649-6825) 

2. Contact your legislators - DON'T DELAY, DO IT TODAY!

What to say:  If your Rep co-sponsored the House bill-- thank him or her for his support, and urge your Rep to hold firm in moving S.115.

3. Contact the House Judiciary Committee

4. Write a letter to the editor today!

Go to our letter to the editor page to get tips on what to include in your letter and to submit your letter to your local paper.

A letter to your editor is a great way to demonstrate support, educate your fellow community members and to make an impression on your local opinion leaders.

In just 250 words or less you can help move Vermont forward!

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5. Sign on the online Marriage Resolution today

The Marriage Resolution states:

“Because marriage is a basic human right and an individual choice, We support full civil marriage for same-gender couples.”

» Sign our online Marriage Resolution today!

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6. Tell-a-Friend today!

Email1_3 You probably know folks who value equality and believe that same-sex couples should have the right to marry. We urge you to send an email to asking them to take action today by signing our online Marriage Resolution. Click Tell-a-Friend to send them an email today!

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7. Take the Marriage Resolution to an event.

Download a PDF of our Marriage Resolution to take with you to your

  • church or synagogue
  • book group
  • bowling league
  • potluck dinner
  • family bar-b-q
  • friendly local coffee shop or local business
  • little league game

… just about anywhere you can ask your supportive family, friends and neighbors to sign on in support.

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8. Donate today!

Your contribution will support our efforts in Vermont to gain equal recognition of same-sex couples. Please make an online contribution today to support the freedom for same-sex couples to marry. Or, mail a check payable to:

Vermont Freedom to Marry Action Committee
P.O. Box 879
Burlington, VT 05402

(Donating to the Vermont Freedom to Marry Action Committee is critical to our efforts, however, it is not tax-deductible.)

Vermont Freedom to Marry Task Force
P.O. Box 481
South Hero, VT 05486

(A donation to the Vermont Freedom to Marry Task Force is tax-deductible and will support our efforts to achieve full, civil marriage rights for same-sex couples.)

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